Art therapy masterclasses by leading experts

Forest Bathing and Art Therapy make a good couple…

The Portuguese Society of Art Therapy (SPAT) is one of the most renowned institutions in the world dedicated to developing actions in the clinical field through the practice of Art Therapy and Art-Psychotherapy, and in the educational field through trainings, courses and workshops.

Forest Therapy Hub and SPAT established an agreement to have among FTHub’s professors some of the experts with the most extensive experience in the area of health and Art Therapy who give masterclasses in the Forest Bathing Guide and Forest Therapy Practitioner trainings. 

The common goal of this partnership is to develop quality training activities by experts in the field. In nature-based activities and interventions, Art Therapy is an effective tool for connecting with oneself, with the natural environment and with art that enhances the cognitive, psychological and spiritual benefits of Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy.

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