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Upgrade Lectures by FTHub is a series of Masterclasses offered by international experts, with specific content related to Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy.

The lectures are part of the new training programme and available only to FTHub Guides and Practitioners in the process of Certification, to deepen practice-related knowledge and bring new insights into different fields regarding nature-based health and well-being practices.

These masterclasses are free content and will be offered over time and will continue with these and other topics, so this is an initiative that FTHub alumni can keep attending once they complete their training process. 

The international experts are specialized professionals from all over the world with vast experience, years of training and field work.

Kirsten McEwan, PhD Psych, Research Psychologist in Derby University (UK), will be offering masterclasses of the Evidence of parasympathetic activation in Forest Bathing, and Forest Bathing with children and young people, sensory play and creativity in nature connection.

Nevin Harper, PhD, RCC (Registered Clinical Counselor), from the University of Victoria (Canada), analyzes the delicate task of Assessing the client readiness and ecological identity for Forest Therapy, and also will be exposing about a subject he has been dedicated to for years: Adding adventure to therapy outdoors.

Maria Guadalupe Garibay Chavez, MsC Psych, PhD Psych and Research professor at the University of Guadalajara (Mexico), a pioneer in studying nature connection and health benefits, is offering masterclasses on Forest Bathing for people in vulnerable conditions and Forest Bathing to reduce stress and prevent disease.

Daniela Silva-Rodriguez Bonazzi, head of the Institute of Therapeutic and Social Horticulture of Peru (Peru), will be offering lectures on Life lessons learned in the garden and the Emotional regulation in nature.

Tanya Ginwala, MA Psych, Experiential educator and Adventure and Nature-based therapist from India and Prof. (FH) Priv.-Doz. Mag. Dr. Gerhard Tucek, Head of Institute Therapeutic and Midwifery Sciences from Austria are part of the group of outstanding professionals from whose enormous knowledge you will be able to learn.

Find the dates and topics and apply to the Upgrade Lectures in the FTHub Forest Bathing Guide and FTHub Forest Therapy Practitioner training pages.

Guides and Practitioners Certified by FTHub will also be able to access the Lectures. 

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