Alex Gesse, Hospital Albert Einstein, Brazil

A class for Postgraduates in Integrative Health and Wellness in Brazil

FTHub team was represented by Alex Gesse in the collaboration with the Learning and Research Institute of the Israelita Hospital Albert Einstein in San Pablo, for the Postgraduate in Integrative Health and Wellness: Advanced Studies.

In Brazil, the Instituto Israelita de Ensino e Pesquisa do Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein is a leading institution for many reasons. To mention one, it was the first to launch the first Integrative Medicine training in Latin America. The « Einstein Hospital » as it is commonly called is one of the most prestigious and highly recommended in the region.

The cutting-edge level of the institution is also reflected through professionals having a clear integrative approach to health that includes nature in many ways.

For the Nature, Health and Socioecological Principles subject, directed by Dr. Eliseth Leão (Lis Leão), Alex presented « Nature-based Health and Wellness: A Journey from Nature to the City » to the Postgraduate students, professionals from General Medicine, Pediatrics, Neurobiology, Psychology, Pedagogy and other health sciences.

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