Certified Forest Bathing Guide Training

Scientific evidence and professional experience put into practice

Which are the profiles that participate in this training?


Develop new skills in your professional work and stay at the forefront of therapeutic and wellbeing practices.


Integrate knowledge and key skills in wellbeing and nature connection practices, using the FTH Method.


This training is suitable for those who wish to offer Forest Bathing as a therapeutic or wellbeing practice.


A unique, updated and leading programme, oriented to the practical application of scientific evidence in health, wellbeing and connection with nature.

Formats *

Blended (in-person + live online)
Live Online


Blended: EUR 1,960 (USD 2,360)
Online: EUR 1,760 (USD 2,000)


5-day Immersion + 12-week Mentored Practice (4-6 hours/week)


Spanish, English, French and Italian, with translations into Portuguese, Polish and Lithuanian

* The training is available in two different formats:

Blended (in-person + live online)

The 5-day Immersion is held in person, in a natural environment, while the Mentored Practice is home-based, through live online classes (videoconference). Travel, accommodation, meals or other expenses are not included in the cost.

Live Online

The 5-day Immersion and the Mentored Practice are both home-based, through live online classes (videoconference).

Both formats are led personally by trainers, mentors and international experts and follow the same training pathway, adapting the methodology to the learning environment (in-person or online) so that you get the most out of your training.

None of the online classes is pre-recorded, you will always have the live presence of a trainer!

Why train in Forest Bathing with the Forest Therapy Hub?

The programme aims to integrate new skills to improve both your professional and personal development.

In this training...

  • You will learn
  • You will be able to
  • Principles of health and their practical application.
  • FTH Method: design of effective activity sequences that support the experience of connection with nature of the participants.
  • FTH Fluid Interactions Model: development of wellbeing activities in natural environments, based on scientific evidence.
  • Scientific foundations and techniques to enhance your nature connectedness and support that of your participants.
  • Body components and practical skills for an optimal body experience of connection with the environment.
  • Group management techniques and facilitation of dynamics that support the experience of the participants.
  • Methods and skills to communicate effectively with participants without interfering with their experiences.
  • Foundations of Forest Medicine: practical integration of the main benefits of nature in human health.
  • Knowledge about ecosystems and diversity, and their impact on wellbeing.
  • From theory and science to practice: how to apply the theoretical foundations to the design of nature-based activities.
  • Expressive arts: practical application in Forest Bathing.
  • Path selection criteria in diverse natural environments, such as maritime and riverine, forests, deserts and urban parks.
  • Conceptualise and design nature-based wellbeing plans.
  • Integrate health and wellbeing practices under Nature and Social Prescriptions.
  • Analyse and weigh risks to create a safe environment for participants.
  • Advise on the integration of nature connection practices in daily life, to stimulate the development of healthy lifestyles.
  • Design workshops of experiences of organisational wellbeing and emotional wellbeing based on nature.
  • Develop Ecotourism and Nature-based Wellbeing and Health Programmes.
  • Implement the FTH nature-based wellbeing plan.

Forest Bathing Guide certification pathway

The first step is a 5-day Immersion. Then, you begin your mandatory 12-week Mentored Practice.

FTH · Certified Forest Bathing Guide: Immersion + Mentored Practice = Certification

The pathway of the Forest Bathing Guide training and certification works as follows:

  • A

    Immersion (5 days), with various trainers and international experts, designed according to the training format you choose:

    · Blended training format: 5 days in a natural environment, in person.

    · Live online training format: 5 mornings, afternoons or evenings (depending on your time zone) with live online classes (videoconference) + group work (3 h daily) and self-guided practices (2-3 h daily).

  • B

    Mentored Practice (12 weeks, 3 months), through live online classes (videoconference), for both training formats, in which you will integrate the learning of the initial week and you will receive additional content from the programme. Throughout these 12 weeks, a mentor will accompany you and help you with personalised attention so that you deepen your knowledge of the content and develop your skills as a guide. This final practice will allow you to integrate what you’ve learned into your work practice.

It is a certification requirement to have completed a “First Aid Training” or “Wilderness First Aid Training”, as part of your Mentored Practice.

List of certified Forest Bathing Guide training

Live Online

Forest Bathing Guide Training

Live Online

Forest Bathing Guide Training

Blended (in-person + live online)

Forest Bathing Guide Training

Valsugana, Italy
Blended (in-person + live online)

Forest Bathing Guide Training

Buçaco Forest, Portugal
Blended (in-person + live online)

Forest Bathing Guide Training

Southern Uplands, Scotland (October)
Blended (in-person + live online)

Forest Bathing Guide Training

Monts d’Ardèche, France
Live Online

Forest Bathing Guide Training

Blended (in-person + live online)

Forest Bathing Guide Training

Oncol Park, Chile
Blended (in-person + live online)

Forest Bathing Guide Training

Urkiola Natural Park, Spain
Blended (in-person + live online)

Forest Bathing Guide Training

Białowieża Forest, Poland

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