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Why train with the Forest Therapy Hub in Forest Bathing certification?

Scientific evidence and professional experience put into practice.
A Method and Model endorsed by international leading experts:

Bring out your best with inspiring leaders in the field

Integrate applicable techniques from day one​

Inclusive & International Environment

Start when it suits you and shape your training calendar.
There are no start or end dates and you can choose the days and times of live online classes and group dynamics with trainers that best suit your availability.
You’ll have access to the full course for 24 weeks.
Each month, a new cycle of classes begins.
You can sign up now and apply to start on the date of your choice.
Flexible nature-based health & well-being quality training.

How does FTHub Blended Forest Bathing Guide Training work?

ONLINE SECTION FTHub Certified Forest Bathing Guide Training

IN-PERSON SECTION 3-day In-person Immersive Training in Nature

FTHub Blended Training

FTHub CERTIFIED Forest Bathing Guide

Unique and cutting-edge

This unique and cutting-edge Guide training helps you apply scientific knowledge in nature, health and well-being in a practical way.


Carry out group work with other guides with the support of the trainers.

12 weeks (96 hours)

Estimated time to complete the programme
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At your own pace​

Attend as many live sessions as you want, choosing from the available times.

How many live sessions does the training consist of?

Online section calendar

You can choose to attend the classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

CET (Berlin, Warsaw…)2 to 3 pm6 to 7 pm1 to 2 am
UK, Ireland, Portugal1 to 2 pm5 to 6 pm12 to 1 am
Latvia, Lithuania3 to 4 pm7 to 8 pm2 to 3 am
EST (New York, Toronto…)8 to 9 am12 to 1 pm7 to 8 pm
PST (Los Angeles…)5 to 6 am9 to 10 am4 to 5 pm
HKT (Hong Kong…)7 to 8 am8 to 9 pm8 to 9 am9 to 10 pm
AET (Sydney…)9 to 10 am10 to 11 pm11 am to 12 pm11 pm to 12 am
IST (New Delhi…)5:30 to 6:30 pm9:30 to 10:30 pm5:30 to 6:30 am6:30 to 7:30 pm10:30 to 11:30 pm

You can choose to attend the Mentoring Sessions on specific Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

CET (Berlin, Warsaw…)2 to 2:30 pm6 to 6:30 pm1 to 1:30 am
UK, Ireland, Portugal1 to 1:30 pm5 to 5:30 pm12 to 12:30 am
Latvia, Lithuania3 to 3:30 pm7 to 7:30 pm2 to 2:30 am
EST (New York, Toronto…)8 to 8:30 am12 to 12:30 pm7 to 7:30 pm
PST (Los Angeles…)5 to 5:30 am9 to 9:30 am4 to 4:30 pm
HKT (Hong Kong…)7 to 7:30 am8 to 8:30 pm8 to 8:30 am9 to 9:30 pm
AET (Sydney…)9 to 9:30 am10 to 10:30 pm11 am to 11:30 pm11 pm to 11:30 am
IST (New Delhi…)5:30 to 6 pm9:30 to 10 pm5:30 to 6 am6:30 to 7 pm10:30 to 11 pm

Each session includes a 1-hour Forest Bathing Walk and a 30-minute mentoring session afterwards.

CET (Berlin, Warsaw, Copenhagen…)10 to 11:30 pm4 to 5:30 pm6 to 7:30 pm
UK, Ireland, Portugal9 to 10:30 am3 to 4:30 pm5 to 6:30 pm
Latvia, Lithuania11 am to 12:30 pm5 to 6:30 pm7 to 8:30 pm
EST (New York, Toronto…)4 to 5:30 am10 to 11:30 pm12 to 1:30 pm
PST (Los Angeles…)1 to 2:30 am7 to 8:30 am9 to 10:30 am
HKT (Hong Kong…)4 to 5:30 pm10 to 11:30 pm5 to 6:30 pm
AET (Sydney…)6 to 7:30 pm8 to 9:30 pm4 to 5:30 am
IST (New Delhi…)1:30 to 3 pm7:30 to 9 pm9:30 to 11 pm2:30 to 4 pm10:30 pm to 12 am


1460 €

Available options:

With this Forest Bathing training, you will be able to

  • Advise on the integration of nature connection practices in daily life, to stimulate the development of healthy lifestyles.
  • Design and implement Nature-based Well-being Plans.
  • Learn practical tools to design Nature Connection Activities and plan them in several sequences.
  • Integrate key skills using the FTHub Method and the Liquid Interactions Model to promote nature connectedness under the theoretical principles of human-nature interactions, scientific evidence and the conceptual framework of Planetary Health.
  • Develop new skills in your professional work and stay at the forefront of complementary therapeutic health practices.
  • Design organisational and emotional well-being and nature-based ecotourism experiences workshops to further your services offer.

With this Forest Bathing training, you will learn:

Programme contents

FTHub Certified Forest Bathing Guide Online Training combines theoretical content with practical experiences. The contents are distributed in 10 modules of 4 units each. Each unit has an estimated reading time of 4-6 minutes, with videos, additional content and exercises to further the understanding and integration of the content.

  • Principles of health and their practical application.
  • Planetary Health: principles of health and its conditioning factors.
  • Path selection criteria in diverse natural environments, such as marine environments and rivers, forests, deserts and urban parks.
  • Risk analysis to create a safe environment for the participants.
  • Group management techniques and facilitation of dynamics that support the experience of the participants.
  • Methods and skills to communicate effectively with the participants.
  • Bodily components of connection.
  • Practical skills for an optimal bodily experience of connection with the environment.
  • Theoretical framework of the FTHub Walk Activities Sequences.
  • FTHub Walk Activities Sequences.
  • The Liquid Interactions Model: theoretical inspiration.
  • The Liquid Interactions Model: structure, science and themes to design nature connection activities.
  • From theory and science to practice: how to apply the theoretical foundations to the design of nature-based activities.
  • Conceptualise and design Nature-based Well-being Plans.
  • Integrate health and well-being practices under social prescribing and nature prescription.
  • Fundamentals of Forest Medicine: practical integration of the main benefits of nature in human health.
  • Scientific foundations and techniques to enhance your nature connectedness and support that of your participants.
  • Expressive arts: practical application in Forest Bathing.
  • Fundamental elements of organisational and emotional well-being nature-based experiences.
  • Knowledge about ecosystems and diversity, and their impact on well-being.

Programme Bibliography

More than 300 references and scientific articles on which the FTHub Certified Forest Bathing Guide Online Training is based.


  1. Self-guided exercises: these serve as practical tools to integrate into your professional practice and as a self-reflective practice to internalise concepts.
  2. Guide two Forest Bathing Walks: to support the integration of techniques and the development of skills for the practical application of scientific evidence in health, well-being and nature connectedness.
  3. Design of a Nature-based Well-being Plan: integrate the theoretical knowledge and the steps needed to design a nature-based well-being plan and implement it as a healthcare workshop or retreat for tourism.

It is a certification requirement to have completed a training in:

  • «First Aid” or “Wilderness First Aid» (not included in the training fee).
  • «Mental Health First Aid» (included in the training fee).
  • You do not need to take these courses beforehand but can take them during your FTHub training.

1460 €

Available options:

Bring out your best with inspiring leaders in the field in an international environment

An interdisciplinary and multicultural team of the most experienced trainers and leading international experts in specific areas of knowledge, with whom you will learn Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy techniques and methodology inherent to the FTHub Method and the Liquid Interactions Model.

Nevin Harper

PhD | RCC | Terapeuta basado en la naturaleza


Sharon Toma

B.S. Biología | PhD Botánica | UW-Madison


Leticia Ortega

PhD cum laude en Biología | LL.B. | BBA | B.Sc.Bio | B.Sc.Env


Rita Nunes da Ponte

B.A. ChemE | Arte-Psicoterapeuta


Erika DiPasquale

Gerente de Hub Seedlings


Susan Andrien



Sang Ok Kim


Hong Kong




Marta Grabowska



Alex Gesse

Director Ejecutivo


Marta Ayats

Directora de Formación


Pedro Trindade

Director de Formación


Pietro Ostano



Inga Dreimane

Miembro del FTI Lab



Lifetime access to exclusive masterclasses led by renowned international experts from different fields on specific contents related to nature, health and well-being. Check the Lectures calendar here.

Dra. Kirsten McEwan

PhD Psych | Research Psychologist, Univ. de Derby

Reino Unido

Nevin Harper

PhD | RCC | Terapeuta basado en la naturaleza


Kari Krogh

PhD Psicología


David Roland

Doctor en Psicología


Tanya Ginwala

M.A. Psych | Edu. Experiencial | Terapeuta de Aventura y Naturaleza


Daniela Silva-Rodríguez Bonazzi

Terapeuta Hortícola


Lis Leão

PhD | Senior Researcher | Full Prof. Health Sci. | Hosp. Israelita A. Einstein


Dra. María Guadalupe Garibay Chávez

MSc Psych | PhD Psych | Prof. Inv. Univ. Guadalajara


Martha Liliana Perdomo Ramirez

Jardín Botánico de Bogotá


Dr. Carlos A. Guzmán

Prof. Asoc. Escuela Posg. Univ. Maryland Baltimore

Costa Rica

Antoni Sanz

Prof. Asoc. Univ. Autònoma Barcelona


Xavier Roget Padrosa

Asesor, Red de Parques Diputación Barcelona


Why train with the Forest Bathing Programme in Forest Therapy Hub?

Benefit from an international environment with students and trainers from around the world.

The programme aims to integrate new skills to improve both your professional and personal development.

Participate in a quality training programme developed by international experts, adapted to each cultural context and in your language.

Consolidate skills to guide in diverse natural environments, such as marine environments and rivers, forests, deserts and urban parks.

Trainers with experience in specific areas: psychology, social intervention, ecotherapy, ecology, forestry and tourism, among other areas.

What our students say

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Julie Fox
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Trees De Bruyne
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Which are the profiles that participate in this training to become a Forest Bathing guide?

  • Health professionals searching for the most up-to-date scientific knowledge, based on which to prescribe nature in an informed way.
  • Mental health professionals aspiring to incorporate techniques and skills into their clinical practice by offering an integrative proposal in an alternative environment.
  • Ecotourism guides, well-being professionals (mindfulness, yoga, etc.) and forest school leaders who wish to integrate new practices into their offerings.
  • Educators, social workers and occupational therapists seeking new therapeutic environments that enhance healthy human bonds, promote inclusion and increase functional independence, among others.
  • Environmental activists and educators who wish to promote pro-environmental attitudes through an emotional connection with the natural environment.
  • People passionate about nature who seek to professionally share the benefits of nature connection.
  • Also, people who seek new professional paths with varied goals.

El precio original era: 8000 €.El precio actual es: 5000 €.

El precio original era: 8000 €.El precio actual es: 5000 €.

Available options:

(ES) Blend (Cumbrecita)

El precio original era: 8000 €.El precio actual es: 5000 €.

The 3-day In-person Training is exclusively for:
With this training, you will:


Rocío Ferraro



Emplazado entre cerros y quebradas de las sierras grandes de la provincia de Córdoba, a una altitud de 1450 Msnm, se encuentra el pequeño poblado de La Cumbrecita. Un rincón inmerso en un bosque de pinos combinado con casas de estilo alpino que preserva el cuidado de la naturaleza, la tranquilidad y la calidad de vida de sus habitantes.

La Cumbrecita tiene calles serpenteantes llenas de flores, atravesadas por bosquecillos, arroyos con agua cristalina, ríos con playas de arena brillante de minerales y aguas doradas, cascadas y pinares en laderas de ensueño.

En La Cumbrecita se respira aire libre de contaminación: fue declarada Reserva Natural de Uso Múltiple y es el único pueblo peatonal de la Argentina. Los vehículos se estacionan en la entrada por un bajo costo, y los senderos de La Cumbrecita se transitan a pie. La llaman “pueblo de cuentos”.

Horarios: salvo indicación contraria, todas las inmersiones se inician el viernes a las 10:00 (10 am) y terminan el domingo a las 13:00 (1 pm). Si tienes que llegar un poco más tarde o salir un poco antes, lo comprendemos.

El coste no incluye viajes, alojamiento, comidas u otros gastos.


FTHub elige alojarse en el Hostel Planeta Cumbrecita, un antiguo chalet de estilo centroeuropeo ubicado en el corazón del pueblo, equipado con amplias habitaciones compartidas o privadas y cocinas totalmente equipadas.

El centro de La Cumbrecita con proveedurías, bares y restaurantes está a menos de 300 metros del alojamiento.

El Hostel tiene servicio de desayuno incluido y una atención especialmente cálida y dedicada. Ropa blanca, Wi-Fi, quincho, parrilla, y mucha naturaleza. Las habitaciones cuentan con baño privado completo.

Contacto y reservas: +54 9 3546 41-9581. Avisa que vas a la formación FTHub para conocer descuentos y formas de pago.

También puedes elegir cualquier otro alojamiento de tu agrado DENTRO del pueblo de La Cumbrecita y cercano al Hostel, para facilitar la puntualidad y comodidad para la dinámica de la formación.

Para ello, será conveniente que elijas un sitio que se ubique dentro del pueblo, es decir luego del acceso del puente peatonal a La Cumbrecita, y no los alojamientos de los alrededores del ingreso al pueblo, ya que las distancias y los tiempos de encuentro con el grupo te llevarán más tiempo.


How to Get There

La Cumbrecita está a 118 km de la ciudad de Córdoba capital, a 689 km de Tucumán y a 788 km de Buenos Aires. Puedes llegar a la Ciudad de Córdoba en avión o en bus.

Para llegar a La Cumbrecita en transporte público se sale desde la Terminal de Ómnibus de Córdoba. El viaje desde Córdoba a La Cumbrecita es una excursión en sí mismo, pues te vas adentrando progresivamente hasta el corazón de las sierras por rutas hermosas con vistas espectaculares de paisajes verdes, lagos, diques y pueblos con encanto. Tiene dos tramos:
∙ Desde la ciudad de Córdoba, en la Terminal de Buses, tomas el bus BUSES LEP (ticket en Boletería 132) hasta Villa General Belgrano (viaje de 1,5 h con servicios desde las 7 am cada hora aproximadamente). Contacto Buses Lep (WhatsApp +549351466600 o teléfono 0351-5696600).
∙ Al llegar a la Terminal de Buses de Villa General Belgrano, tomas el bus Pájaro Blanco (ticket en boletería de bus Pájaro Blanco) hacia La Cumbrecita (horarios a La Cumbrecita a las 7, 10, 12 horas; y desde La Cumbrecita, a las 8, 12, 13:30, 17:30, 19 horas). Para este tramo lleva dinero en efectivo. Contacto Pájaro Blanco: La Cumbrecita WhatsApp +5493546404565, Villa General Belgrano tel. 03546 461709.

Opción para grupo: Taxi desde Villa General Belgrano a La Cumbrecita (duración 30 minutos). Pago en efectivo.

No es necesario reservar con antelación asiento de buses.

Una vez en La Cumbrecita, no necesitas transporte. Todos los trayectos se realizan a pie.

Nos encontramos desde las 9 hasta las 10 en el Puente Peatonal de ingreso a La Cumbrecita, a unos 20 metros de donde llega el bus.

What our students say

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